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Explore the mouth-watering flavors of our excellent and original street delicacies! From Vada Pav, iconic, crispy, and spicy, to the wonderful Pav Bhaji, bursting with the rich taste of butter, our menu is a paradise for foodies. Taste the delicious choley bhature of your choice, or have a comforting choley puri and aloo puri whose every bite is a short symphony. Remember to have your share of tasty kulche choley, filled up with soft puffy bread. We also have the bun samosa, a combination of crispy pastry and savory filling, as a quick snack. Enjoy a taste of pure Indian street food from us!

Catering and Takeout Service


Catering for Every Occasion

Whether it is for your corporate events, birthdays, weddings, or any other gatherings, our restaurant is always glad to render catering services that will add more value and make your occasion a memorable one. From appetizers to desserts, we provide a great variety of options, and you can pick anything that will make your taste buds happy.

Flexible Menu Options

The catering menu of our restaurant includes a large list of dishes, such as appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts, available for guests. We provide the diet of choice to all guests, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other special diets, for a meticulous and all-inclusive experience. From traditional classics to inventive dishes, we ensure a memorable taste of authentic Indian cuisine in Edmonton.

Professional Service

Our seasoned chefs and staff will work diligently and in collaboration with you to make the dream of the catering event a reality. For this, we'll be in charge of everything from menu planning to setup and cleanup, helping you unwind and have fun.

Convenient Takeout Service

Inside dining not allowed? No problem! Our restaurant also has a takeout option for busy days when you need more time to sit. Just give us an order by phone or online, and we will prepare it in time for you to come to the place and receive it.

Fresh and Flavorful:

Whether dining in, hosting an event, or grabbing a takeout, you will always have the same choice of fresh, flavorful food prepared from fine ingredients. We are proud to prepare each dish with fresh ingredients to ensure that you have a tasty meal every time you dine.

Expert Event Coordination

Our catering team, with years of experience, will do their best to make your event memorable. We will be there with you side by side with the menu selection, setup, and presentation to ensure successful and pleasant outcomes for you and your guests.

From catering your next event to rendering a fast and delicious takeout option, our Indian cuisine restaurant in Edmonton is available at your service. Enjoy the convenience and great taste of today—place your order now!

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Delicious Food

Our Indian restaurant in Edmonton features savory dishes carefully prepared when fresh and quality ingredients are available. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty burger or a tasty salad, there is always something to satisfy your taste buds.

Cozy Atmosphere

Start your journey by walking into our comforting and cozy environment, both welcoming and bright. Whether you get together with friends or family, you will feel at home.

Friendly Service

We operate with a fully engaged and courteous team, working hard to form positive and friendly customer relationships. We do all this and more to ensure that every client is happy and enjoys the entire dining experience, from the doorstep to leaving our restaurant.

Variety of Options

We offer a variety of dishes from various cuisines and dietary categories, which is appealing to everyone. As for vegetarians, vegans, and Gluten-Free diets- we offer for all preferences.

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